Use this form to send me information about your wedding. Please make sure to check to see that I have all of your information correct. You may also wish to call me at 618.634.9451 to let me know that you have submitted this form by Internet.

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Use these next few lines to enter information about music for the reception.


 Make A Song List for your Event!Use this link to email a request to me from this music request website. I may not have all of the songs listed in this site. Email your list to from this site.
First dance song: (artist and title)

Father/Daughter dance song:
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Event Information: Please add information about the event here in these spaces below. Blessing/Grace before dinner?
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Name of person delivering blessing:
Sit down dinner? (served by banquet staff) Yes No
Buffet/Hors d'oeuvres: Yes No
Bridal party to eat first? (Do you want to eat before the guests?) Yes No
Garter/Bouquet Toss? Yes No
Please give me some information about the other working vendors.  
Name and phone number of contact person at reception hall:
Name and phone number of photographer:
Name and phone number of caterer:
Times when I can get in to setup and time of the end of the reception:
(I will need at least 1 hour to setup and require 1-2 tables with a skirt to setup my equipment.)
Please send me any additional comments:
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